All about Damp Proofing

Dampness in the house affects the health of the occupants. People suffering from asthma and young children suffer the most. The DPC method is one of the methods used for damp proofing in Exeter. It has been in use for more than four decades and it has been proven to be effective.

Why do you need to damp proof your home?

1. Dampness destroys your paint and plaster so when you damp proof, they remain in perfect condition.

2. Dampness affects the functionality of your home for example, when your walls get damp, they lose their aesthetic value and your home does not look attractive. Keeping your home free from dampness ensure that your home remains in a superior condition for a long time.

3. Damp proofing in Exeter using chemical injections keeps moisture away from your walls and gets rid of any residue moisture.

4. People suffering from bronchitis and asthma get affected when in a damp place so keeping your home damp free ensures that they live healthy and safely. When you damp proof your home, you not only get rid of moisture but you also get rid of bacteria and mildew.

How do you damp proof your home?

When damp proofing your walls using the chemical injection method, this is the process you should follow;

* Remove the old plaster from the walls then drill holes at the base level of your home

* Inject the chemical through the holes drilled into the wall and allow the chemical to be completely absorbed

* For the chemical to work, it has to remain inside the wall so, fill the holes with plaster to cover them up

* Plaster the walls with another layer and leave it to dry

* After the plaster dries, you can repaint your walls

Why use DPC method?

* It is cost effective

* Takes less time

* It gets rid of the dampness from your home very easily

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