How a Conveyancer saves you Time and Money

Property is the most valuable possession one can own. You should be careful to avoid mistakes that can cost you your property and lead to loss of the property or money. Some of the common mistakes include;

1. Ignoring mortgage pre-approval – Remember that for every property in the market, there are many people interested in it besides you. Have the finances ready so that you do not miss a property just because of delays in processing your finances. Conveyancers from Caversham will tell you the right time to get your finances pre-approved.

2. Downplaying inspection – When someone is selling a property, they may not tell you if the premise is in bad condition or if pests inhabit it so, it is your responsibility to carry out an inspection. The cost of inspection is little compared to the value of the property so take time to order an inspection. A conveyancer understands the importance of the inspection so if you have one, they will help you through it.

3. Not hiring a property lawyer or conveyancer – Do not hire a lawyer who has no experience in conveyancing: you need someone who is knowledgeable and experienced in property law. An expert conveyancer from Caversham will help you avoid the pitfalls of missing a property, losing money, and entering into a dangerous contract by offering you sound advice.

4. Signing documents before getting legal advice – A legal advisor understands conveyance and he knows about the important clauses that should be there so in case any is missing, they will advise you. They are also able to interpret what the document says and to advice you. Do not sign any document without consulting a legal advisor.

5. Not keeping time – Mortgage lenders have strict deadlines and they require you to sign and return the papers within a given time. If you do not adhere to the schedule, it can cost you a lot as it can be termed as breach of contract.

Harrisons Solicitors have experience and work with you to help you acquire property without any hitches.

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