How to Give your EPDM Roof New Life

EPDM rubber roofing is made to last for long but due to age and other factors, the roof gets damaged but after a long time. Fortunately, you do not have to replace the roof if the damage is manageable; you can repair it. Repairing the roof gives it a new life and helps to solve any persistent roofing problem. A damaged roof causes structural damages to the premises and can lead to illnesses if mould develops on damaged areas.

Most Common Problems

Since EPDM roof is made up of rubber, it is bound to get damaged if a heavy object falls on it. Depending on the force of fall, the roof may develop a large or small tear. Small tears can be repaired using a patch but if the tear is large, you need to use an EPDM membrane. Do not attempt to repair your roof; contact an expert in EPDM rubber roofing in Bristol to help you. Their profession and expertise is a guarantee that the tear will be well sealed once they repair it. EPDM is joined together using adhesive. The adhesive can lose its grip thus allowing moisture to seep through the sheets. Standing water can also damage the adhesive opening a way for water and moisture to enter between the sheets. Professional roof contractors have the best solutions for these damages so contact them for a long lasting solution.

Inspection as a Ticket for Manageable Repairs

One sure way to stay ahead of expensive roof repairs is to carry out frequent EPDM roof inspections and maintenance. A roofer will identify any roofing issue and inform you about it to prevent further damages. The greater the damages, the more expensive it is to fix. Identifying the problem in good time will allow you to repair the issue while it is still manageable and cheap to repair. Visit site for more information.

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