MOT tests are essential for legal compliance as well as your safety

If you have a vehicle on the road in the UK, it’s essential that you have an MOT certificate. The testing required can be of great benefit in that it ensures proper maintenance has been carried out, so can actually increase the lifespan of your car. Unless your car is brand new, the testing is mandatory. Even with a new car, MOT requirements begin in the third year after the car was licensed, and then re-testing is necessary on an annual basis. The certificate needs to be renewed before it expires, and is essential to guarantee both your own safety and that of the other users of the roads.

The term MOT refers to the Ministry of Transport, which used to control all vehicles. Although this department is no longer in existence, the acronym has remained. The testing not only covers the road-worthy state of a vehicle, but also its emissions. Pollution is taken very seriously, as anyone who is aware of the recent Volkswagen debacle will be aware. Thus, should you be found driving a vehicle that doesn’t have a valid certificate, it’s possible for a fine of up to £1,000 being imposed.

What steps should you take for MOT testing in Totnes?

If you require MOT testing, you first need to find a garage that is authorised by VOSA (the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency). This is a government body and it ensures that all technicians that are certified to carry out MOT testing have been thoroughly trained. You will be able to find out from any garage whether they have this certification or not. Visit here to get more information.

Once you take your vehicle in for testing, it will be thoroughly checked. The lights, brakes, steering controls, and fuel system will be given a thorough test. In addition, your car safety features will be checked – such as making certain that your seat belts are operational, and that the hooter is working. Although you may well have been ensuring that your car is regularly maintained, these services generally focus only on oil levels, air contamination, or brake pedals. They don’t normally conduct safety checks or look at the emissions levels of your car, so you might find that you are required to conduct additional repairs before an MOT certificate is issued.

Conducting the MOT test

It’s always advisable to have your car serviced by technicians who are accredited to issue MOT certificates before the test. This is because you pay for the test whether you pass or fail. A technician, who has checked your vehicle fully before the test, would be hard pressed to explain why you were then given a ‘refusal of an MOT certificate’. You should also be aware that there are different tests for petrol or diesel engines and that a tester needs to be accredited for different classes of car. You would need to ascertain all these factors in advance

There are many factors to take into consideration before conducting MOT testing in Totnes. Contact Monnington Motors Ltd and allow their trained MOT testers to assist you.

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