The Dos and Don’t s of Bi-fold Doors

Are you looking for bi-fold doors? People like the doors because of their classy look and their functionality. The best things in life do not come easy and so are these classy doors; they cost more than other doors but they are worth it. So, to avoid spending on a door then you realize you did not want it, why not learn the dos and don’ts of bi-fold doors in Esher?


* Make it a priority to see the door that you intend to buy physically not just online. If you plan to buy the door from a store far from your place, look for the exact door close by you and feel it. Test its strength, the variety of colours, design and functionality.

* Talk to your supplier, they may direct you to a place near you where they have sold the same door.

* Does the door have an insurance backed guarantee? With such insurance you can be sure that even if the supplier closed their shop and your door got damaged, the insurance would compensate you for the loss.

* Buy a door that meets and surpasses the current building regulation. Building regulations change every now and then so make sure that you do not buy an out-dated door.


* When buying the door, don’t just focus on the price; look at the functionality and durability of the door before the cost.

* Keep away from companies which ask you to pay the whole amount before they install the door. You should pay part of the cash then the balance should be cleared after installations.

When working with a professional door company, you receive advice and the best products and services. You can therefore trust P & P Glass for all your door needs. We have a variety of doors and our staffs are competent and experienced enough to offer you the advice needed to make the right decision about doors in Esher.

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