Three Things to Think About When Performing a Trade Mark Search in the UK

What makes your business stand out from a competitors business? If it isn’t the services or products (which it really should be if you want a shot at success), it needs to be the trade mark! Every reputable company will be recognised by their brand identity and if you set aside some time to perform a trade mark search in the UK, you can establish yourself as a serious professional and increase your chances of industry success. Sure, you might be in a hurry to file a proper registration for the mark of your choice, but before you do this there are a number of things to think about. Take the following things into account if you want to be sure that your company’s name is protected in the United Kingdom.

Is the Trade Mark Company Reputable?

One of the traps that a lot of business owners will fall into when hunting for a company that provides trademark registration is falling for cheap prices and cheesy sales tactics. Of course, everybody wants to save a bit of money when possible. However, discounts really won’t be worth it if the company is not reputable, because they may not adhere to rules, regulations and laws relating to trade mark search in the UK. A reputable company will provide good feedback and will tell you whatever you need to know about creating a distinctive product, protecting your brand and protecting your intellectual property.

Considering Multiple Purchases for Discounts

If you plan on trade marking your company with a logo, jingle or slogan, you will probably have to purchase the trade marks separately, however, if you work with the same company for all of your purchases, you can expect to save money with your trade mark search in the UK.

Asking About Money-Back Guarantees

In most cases, a trade mark will last for 10 years. At the end of this period you decide if you want to renew it or let somebody else have the opportunity to use that trademark.

Seek advice as early as you can in regards to money-back guarantees, which are sometimes offered if you apply to register a trade mark and then learn that it is already in use by another company. Click here to know more.

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