Understanding Double Glazed Windows

If you have been looking at window upgrades for your home or if you have been contemplating new window installs or your home improvement project, you likely have heard of double glazed windows. No, these are not windows coated with sweet, sticky icing, nor are they windows that are coated in anything at all. Double glazed windows are simply windows that are made with two panes of glass instead of the traditional one pane. To understand why double glazing in Gravesend is so popular, we need to look at three key aspects of this window type:

Design – Double glazed windows are designed with two layers of glass, sandwiched together for additional strength and insulation. There is a layer of dead space between the panes that acts as an insulation buffer to slow the temperature exchange between the inside and outside of the home. They are made from high quality glass and are a wonderful choice for any style home that is looking for a good upgrade project.

Style – Several window styles can be made with the double-glazed glass but the most common are your standard vertical or horizontal sliding windows. This type of glass is often too thick for fancier windows though some custom designs can be made for nicer window styles if you are willing to invest the money for custom orders. Double glazed windows look like regular windows but a stronger and more resilient.

Energy – The final thing that makes this type of window so popular today is that they are among the best choices for homes the need to be more energy efficient. You will more than pay for your windows in the first year in the money you save on your energy bill. This is the number one reasons more people are using double glazed window in their homes than ever before- and you should do the same!

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