What Damages Tarmac Roads and Pavement?

Road tarmacing in Abingdon is done using asphalt. The road or pavements can last for between 12 and 15 years. Even though asphalt is long lasting, there are conditions which degrade it and make the road to get damaged. To maintain your pavements for a long time, it is good to know the factors that affect it and identify when the damages take place and how you can protect your pavement from the damages.

* Oil stains – Vehicles parked on your driveway can also damage your asphalt pavement if their oil is leaking as the oil downgrades the asphalt.

* Water – If the asphalt has cracks and then it rains or water gets into contact with your road, the road get damaged further. The water reaches travels down the cracks to the base course and damages it. Your road becomes weak and can hardly carry heavy weight. The road also becomes prone to cracks and potholes and in the end; you have to repave your road.

* UV rays – asphalt is made up of sand, rocks and aggregates which are held together by asphalt glue which acts as a glue. Ultraviolet rays damage the glue holding the aggregate, sand and rocks together. Soon after the damage begins, you are likely to see loose gravel as a result of the broken asphalt cement.

* Heavy vehicles – Vehicles carrying heavy stuff and garbage exert a lot of weight on the asphalt making it to crack.

* Oxidation – Asphalt is black charcoal in colour but the colour changes under various traffic loads. The colour also changes when the asphalt is exposed to oxygen to charcoal grey in colour. As the asphalt glue is broken, it loses its flexibility and cracks begin to appear when heavy vehicles use the road. You can visit here for more information.

The secret of dealing with pavement damages is to treat the pavement as soon as you identify the cause of the damage. We are experts in all aspects of road tarmacing in Abingdon including road and pavement repairs. Contact us Hazell and Jefferies Ltd today for professional services.

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