What does a MOT Examine?

Tests have a way of making people dread them. Just like the educational tests that you have had to take in your life, the MOT test has the same impact. Having the right information on what the MOT tests involves can help relieve the anxiety concerning the test. The purpose of the test is to examine if your vehicle is road worthy. If your car passes the test, you receive a certificate to prove your vehicles credentials.

MOT is the ministry of transport. The ministry is responsible for carrying out the tests. For your vehicle to pass the test, it must comply with the set safety and environmental standards set. Your vehicle does not need to take the MOT testing in Torquay if it is not yet three years old. Note that the test does not cover your vehicle’s mechanical aspects but rather the gears, engines and clutches.

The test monitors the following;

* Your vehicles chassis to make sure it does not have signs of accidental damage or corrosion.

* Safety appliances like seat belts, driving mirrors and airbags.

* Brakes, wheel and tires are examined to find out if they need to be replaced. The wheels are examined for alignment and oiling as well as the tread depth on the tires. The test ensures that the brakes are working well for the sake of your safety.

MOT takes place in centres Authorised for MOT testing in Torquay. To identify the centres, they always have three interlocking white triangles placed on a blue background.

Our MOT tests at Monnington Motors Ltd are accurate and we are licensed to carry out the tests. The rooms where we carry out the tests are free from contaminations from oil, fumes, pollution, noise and fumes so the results are accurate. As we carry out the test, you can sure that there will be no interference as the test takes place in a separate room than other mechanical jobs. Contact us today.

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