Why double-glazed windows should be your first choice

If you need effective climate control in Maidstone, there is no better way to keep warmth in during winter and heat out during summer than double-glazing. What this concept means is exactly what the name implies. Instead of a single pane of glass in your window or door, there are two panes. However, simply doubling the number of glass panes is not what makes double-glazing effective. The secret of the heat exchange is that there is a layer of trapped air between the two panes. This air is an inert gas and it’s a poor conductor of heat – thus heat doesn’t escape easily from the inside when it’s colder outside, and doesn’t enter into a cool home when the weather is hot. The system is highly effective and many tests have been done in winter by measuring the temperature of the inner pane of the double-glazed window versus the exterior pane, and in some instances there has been a 20 degree centigrade difference within a 15 minute interval of turning on heating.

The cost of climate control

Apart from the comfort that double glazing provides, one of the most expensive items of any household budget is heating; cooling is also a factor, but less energy is generated than to heat a home. Energy bills are constantly increasing, so any reduction in cost is usually welcome. Manufacturers have evidence to show that the cost of replacing single glazing with double glazing is covered over several years by the reduction in energy costs. In the interim, the householder has enjoyed the pleasure of much better climate control. An added bonus is that double-glazing is excellent as a sound barrier, particularly if your home is near busy traffic. As the sealing of these windows needs to be excellent to ensure climate control, home-owners have also found that dust in their homes is greatly reduced. Click here to know more.

Choosing the right double-glazed windows for your Maidstone home

The good news is that these windows and doors come in a variety of colours and designs, so you would be able to decide which windows would best enhance your home. A few years ago, it was felt that aluminium frames were not advisable as the metal doesn’t hold heat well and much of the heat-loss would then be through the frame of the window. However, manufacturers now place thermal-break plastic sheeting between two layers of aluminium and the problem has been solved. Double-glazed windows are also available in wooden or PVCu frames. Modern double glazing means that you can use leaded glass, have windows made for bay or sash windows, and can even use Georgian styles if that suits your home. Doors are also catered for in a wide range of designs such as stable doors, patio doors or French doors.

Double glazing in Maidstone promotes better climate control and cuts out much outside noise. Contact Deaves & Company Home Improvements for a quotation to have your windows installed.

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